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Professional Mad Scientist, Co-founder & Executive Chair at Socos Labs

Theoretical neuroscientist, entrepreneur, author, and mother of two, Dr. Vivienne Ming is featured frequently for her research and inventions in The Financial Times, The Atlantic, Quartz Magazine and the New York Times. Co-founded with wife Dr. Norma Ming, Socos Labs is a mad science incubator dedicated to solving some of the world's most pressing problems. Previously, Vivienne has pursued her research in cognitive neuroprosthetics as a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley's Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience. In her free time, Vivienne works to design AI systems to help treat her son’s diabetes, predict manic episodes in bipolar sufferers, and reunite orphan refugees with extended family members. She sits on the boards of numerous companies and nonprofits. For relaxation, she frequents the sci-fi section of Audible and spends time with her wife and children


Recent Engagements

TEDMED, The Paradox of Incentive Insensitivity
SXSWedu, Keeping the Promise of Educational Technology
The Economist, Pride & Prejudice
The Royal Society, You & AI withProfessor Brian Cox
Adobe 99U, The Creative Future
Singularity University, The Future of Human Potential
Deloitte, Ignite your AI curiosit

Dr. Ming frequently briefs on Socos Labs’ projects and research for policymakers, creative producers, boards, and executive teams. Topics have included:

AI & Civil Rights; AI for Good
Emerging Neurotechnologies
Education, Meta-Learning, & Life Outcomes
Innovation; Creativity; The Future of Work
Inclusion & the Value of Difference
Remote Work & Distributed Workforces

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In 2019-2020, Dr. Vivienne Ming visited over 30 countries for 65 + events.

Dr. Ming with The Financial Times Rethink Series
Dr. Vivienne Ming at GMAC, June 2019
Animation courtesy of The Future Of StoryTelling

Vivienne will be publishing two books in 2021:

“How to Robot-Proof Your Kids”
“The Tax on Being Different”





  • #5 on Top LGBT Executives
    The Financial Times
  • Apollo Project Award
    The Interlaw Diversity Forum and The Financial Times
  • Visionary Award
    Berkeley Chamber of Commerce
  • 10 Women to Watch in Tech
    Inc. Magazine
  • The Most Influential Women in the Bay Area
    San Francisco Business Times

Vivienne will be publishing two books in 2021:

  • “How to Robot-Proof Your Kids”
  • “The Tax on Being Different”


Socos Labs

Co-Founder & Executive Chair
Mad science incubator exploring messy human problems.


Chief Scientist
Dionysus Digital Health combines neuroscience and machine-learning for precision health and well-being enrichment supporting gender and self identity, courage and emotional intelligence, mental health and suicide intervention.


Board Director
Advancing non-invasive light technologies to stimulate the brain and improve cognitive function.

The Palm Center

Board Chair Emeritus
An independent research institute committed to sponsoring state-of-the-art scholarship to enhance the quality of public dialogue about critical and controversial public policy issues.


Board Chair Emiritus, Vice Chair
A nonprofit organization dedicated to creating great business leaders by fostering lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer ("LGBTQ") entrepreneurs.


Advisory Board
Developed a clinically proven wearable patch that improves your working memory by gently stimulating the brain's attention and learning center.

Zoic Capital

Senior Advisor
A life science and medical technology venture capital firm focusing on concept to early stage opportunities.


Advisory Board
AI powered accessibility tools and apps for assistive communication and smart home control.


Advisory Board
A mobile-based, therapeutic experience that improves the hardest to change behaviors by combining cognitive behavioral therapy, entertainment and social media.

Platypus Institute

Advisory Board
R&D in the NeuroPerformance industry, leveraging neuroscience to help you optimize your brain.

Mother of two

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