Reading List: One GPU, One Vote

Reading List: One GPU, One Vote

The global AI agenda: Promise, reality, and a future of data sharing , MIT Technology Review (2020)

I Used to Run Google. Silicon Valley Could Lose to China. We can’t win the technology wars without the federal government’s help., Eric Schmidt, New York Times (2019)

Racial disparities in automated speech recognition , PNAS (2020)

Digital Commerce, AI, and Constraining Consumer Choice , The Ethical Machine (2020)

How artificial intelligence can be corrupted to repress free speech , Engadget (2017)

We Need a National Vision for AI , HAI (2019)

An AI hiring firm says it can predict job hopping based on your interviews, MIT Technology Review (2020)

Bottom-up data Trusts: disturbing the ‘one size fits all’ approach to data governance, International Data Privacy Law (2019)

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Jamie Larson