Newsletter: Sept. 2021

As we approach the end of summer, so do we approach another exciting milestone for Socos Academy...

Newsletter: Sept. 2021

Socos Academy Launch

On September 24, all of the episodes posted to Socos Academy will be turned into exclusive content for paid Academy members. This is all leading up to the TBD release of the numerous in-progress books Dr. Ming has stored up for you. To stay connected (and get first-looks at some exciting new content...), monthly or annual subscriptions can be found on our website, Be sure to follow @socoslabs and @neuraltheory on Twitter for updates!

September Talks & Keynotes

Boston Consulting Group: At the break of dawn this morning, Dr. Ming presented to the Boston Consulting Group’s global audience of employees and affiliates in a virtual session on unleashing the potential of a diverse workforce.

HUMM: Dr. Ming will participate in a media panel with Iain McIntyre and Carla Borsoi of HUMM alongside Dr. Amy Kruse tomorrow to discuss brain-computer interfaces in "Neurotech's Journey from Sci-Fi to Reality."  

Indeed: On Thursday, Dr. Ming is giving an internal keynote for Indeed on hybrid work models in the new remote work age. The question at hand: How do you support psychological safety among people who aren’t spending the time together? And how can we learn to be inclusive managers?

Marsh McLennan: Next Wednesday, Sept. 15, is the day Dr. Ming is telling us a thing or two about the auto industry. In a keynote for the Marsh McLennan Manufacturing and Automotive Industry Summit, she'll be talking about resiliency, human capacity, and the impacts of AI on manufacturing.

CERN: Boy oh boy, we're sad to say this once in-person event for Dr. Ming has moved to be another virtual talk as travel to Geneva became touchy under the newest CDC travel warning for Americans in Switzerland. Alas, Dr. Ming will still be participating in next weekend's three-day Sparks! Serendipity Forum at CERN talking about AI and creativity. Check out her Twitter thread on this very topic.

World 50: Between CERN sessions, Dr. Ming is giving a keynote for the World 50 Risk 50 Summit on Friday, Sept. 17 to an audience of chief risk officers. She'll be talking about ethical AI implementation, giving compliance advice, and probably telling some snarky jokes to keep things interesting. Banking, you know?

MCRA: The Managed Care Risk Association is hosting Dr. Ming as its keynote speaker for the virtual annual conference on Sept. 22! The category is "Innovation and AI Technologies in Healthcare," something we talk far too much about (or too little?).

Press & Media

Forbes: Dr. Vivienne Ming was listed in Forbes as one of the women "Defining the 21st Century AI Movement." Read all about it here.

PBS: Dr. Ming was on TV! The PBS series "The Future of Work" aired Sept. 1, and our featured episode, FUTUREPROOF, releases tomorrow. Watch it here.

CERN: Ahead of next weekend, listen to Dr. Ming talk with Maria Spiropulu on CERN's Future Intelligence podcast. Listen here.

Thanks for reading — tune in soon for our newest episode, titled "East Coast Swing."

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