Reading List: "Represent!"

Reading List: "Represent!"

A large-scale test of the link between intergroup contact and support for social change, Nature, 2020

Evidence of bias against girls and women in contexts that emphasize intellectual ability, American Psychologist, 2018

Active learning narrows achievement gaps for underrepresented students in undergraduate STEM, PNAS, 2020

Specializations for reward-guided decision-making in the primate ventral prefrontal cortex, Nature, 2018

Gender Differences in Wage Expectations: Sorting, Children, and Negotiation Styles, IZA, 2019

Can Microfinance Unlock a Poverty Trap for Some Entrepreneurs?, NBER, 2019

Do Workers Discriminate against Female Bosses?, IZA, 2019

The Old Boys' Club: Schmoozing and the Gender Gap, NBER, 2020

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Jamie Larson